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Content Management System/CMS A couple of the CMSs that I like to use are Github and Android Studio because they are simple and very easy to learn and use. They let us share the work as well.
Android Web Apps
Using freely - available open sources: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, JQuery Mobile, NodeJS, Apache Cordova to build Android Apps that can be ported to iOS and other platforms: browsers, Chrome, FirefoxOS, WebOS, Windows, WP8. Created apps can be installed, tested on devices and emulators.
Using WordPress platform, to create the storefront: adding themes & content, eCommerce plugins, product inventory, billing, and shipping features..
Site works across on all devices and modern browsers: Firefox, IE7+, Safari, Opera, Android
Html5 & CSS3
Site done entirely in HTML5 and CSS3. It's amazingly fast, light and responsive. It works on all modern devices and browsers
Responsive Design
Users use smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or other devices, this powerful responsive design will beautifully scale itself to fit any screen size, ensuring your good experience
Hope you enjoy the site.